Build A Booty



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Build A Booty

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Plan Overview

This is a 6-week program that is designed to target your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. The majority of exercises will be glute focused, but the goal is to build a well-rounded and balanced lower body.

The program is set up for 3 training days per week and can be used with your current training schedule. Adding more leg focused days with this plan is not recommended. It will progressively get harder as the weeks go on and as your strength increases!

You will have access to a private, in-app video library that corresponds with your program. This is our 5th and best version yet!

What You'll Learn


  • The most effective glute targeting exercises.
  • How frequently glutes should be trained.
  • Proper technique and form for all exercises.

What You'll Get

  • A complete lower body training program.
  • 3 glute/leg focused training days per week.
  • A private in-app video library that corresponds with your program.

Real Women. Real Results.

Here I showcase some of my favorite client transformations.

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Abriana Kaminsky

Fall 2017 Challenge, Summer Promo 2017

My outlook on life has changed, I have energy to do things again. I am pregnant again and already this one feels different, I make time for exercise and I try to focus on eating as healthy as I can, all thanks to Katy! I will forever be grateful for her putting her self out there on Instagram and motivating me to become a better person.

Abriana Kaminsky


  • Is an apartment gym or home gym enough for this program?

    You will need access to free weights, cable machines, barbells, smith machine, leg press, benches, squat rack, and other various equipment.

  • Is this plan vegan/vegetarian friendly?

    Yes! With a flexible dieting approach, you can fill your macros daily with the foods you enjoy!

  • Is this for US residents only?

    No! If you have a smartphone and a gym, you can join!

  • Does the program expire after it is over?

    No! It’s yours to keep!

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