Spring Promo 2020

Spring Promo 2020

Spring Promo 2020 Now Available!


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Spring Promo 2020


  • 8 WEEKS

Plan Overview

This is for the #FBKGoalGetters—the ladies who know their goals and go after them. No matter where you are or what the circumstances are, we want you to feel set up for success on your fitness journey. That’s why we’re rolling out both at-home and gym-based versions of the Spring Promo 2020! If you select the at-home version of this program, all you’ll need are a resistance band set, glute band, and some weights to complete the workouts.

The Spring Promo is an 8-week, full-body training program that can be used to get leaner, build muscle, or both. This program is set up for 5 training days and two rest days of your choice per week, and it will get progressively more challenging each week as you build strength. You’ll have access to a private video library that corresponds with your workouts, and after you purchase, the program is yours to keep forever.

What You’ll Learn


  • How to break down workouts by muscle group
  • Proper technique and form for each exercise
  • How to effectively train all major and minor muscle groups


  • The importance of nutrition combined with training.
  • How to calculate and track your macros.
  • What supplements can be beneficial and the purpose of each.

What You’ll Get

  • An 8-week intensive complete training program for your entire body

  • The option to purchase an at-home or gym-based version of the program

  • A private video library that corresponds to your workout


  • Can this program fit a wide variety of fitness goals?

    Whether you’re looking to lose weight or gain muscle, this program can suit your needs as long as you stick to it and properly track your macros.

  • Can I do this program from home?

    Yes! Just select the at-home version of the program when you check out!

  • What equipment do I need if I select the at-home version?

    You’ll need a resistance band set, a glute band, and some weights.

  • Is this program suitable for beginners?

    It can be! Each exercise includes an instructional video to guide you. You don’t have to be a gym regular to participate and see results. By no means are the workouts easy, but they’re certainly doable and can lead to amazing results!

  • What countries is the program available in?

    It’s available worldwide! You can access it and participate from anywhere.