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Sophie B

Winter Challenge 2020

My Story

After I had my kiddo 6years ago, I got into the best shape of my life and maintained it for 4 years. Then a solid 2 years of trauma hit, and not only did I put that weight back on (getting me back to my heaviest weight), I also gained an additional 20 lbs. I'll be honest, my weight just wasn't my biggest concern with the seriousness of the other issues I was dealing with, so I didn't put a lot of pressure on myself while it was happening. Here's to the reality that life fluctuates. And now, I'm grateful that it does.

Sophie B

This challenge has given me the chance to find out that I'm the girl who smiles at other queens in the gym because I want them to know I feel warmly toward them and am not competing with them. I'm the humble fool asking for help when I'm unsure of a machine instead of skipping it. The inner emotional steps of widening my sense of self & worthiness & secureness have been my ABSOLUTE fave part of what this challenge has required of me. Like for real: My heart & emotions are more where I want them to be because I did this challenge. (P.S. My day 1 and day 42 weight is the exact same).