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Before I participated in Katy’s challenges, I dreaded going to the gym. Not because I was uncomfortable with the idea of working out (I’ve always been active in sports) but because I literally didn’t enjoy working out. It felt like a second job, after I had already been at work all day. Part of this was because I had no knowledge on proper weight training. I would walk into the gym and immediately go to a cardio machine. That was the thing to do, right? Running a lot will help me lose all my unwanted weight. Wrong. I never saw results, and it just made the gym even more undesirable. I knew if I ever wanted to see results, I needed some guidance. I needed a trainer that I could relate to and a plan that would set me up for success. I found both of these when Katy became my trainer.

The plan was realistic for a beginner and each day’s specific workout plan was easy to follow. There was no ‘hang by your legs from a pull up bar and do 50 sit ups.’ No. All of her exercises are designed to help you reach your goals, not push you farther away from them. Also, I really appreciated that she included descriptions for each specific exercise, the number of reps per set, and a hashtag to find the appropriate video for the exercise. This was the type of guidance I was looking for; a detailed program specifically for a beginner.

Not only did I need help with my workout routine, but I was naive when it came to the true importance of clean eating. I was the “I can eat whatever I want, as long as I run 5 miles.” It’s easy to think that, but this is not the case at all. When Katy explained the importance of tracking macronutrients, it all just clicked with me. It made sense why I needed to set myself accountable for what macros I put into my body on a daily basis. Katy sets up the foundation for effective flexible dieting in her plans. She gives good examples, meal timing tips, and supplement suggestions that can aid you in your fitness journey. I had all the information I needed and more to reach my goals.

Since I have started Katy’s programs, I don’t dread the gym anymore. I consider the gym my ‘home away from home.’ I have one to two hours that I look forward to each day, where I can focus on me and only me. I am truly grateful to have a trainer like Katy who is willing to not only be a coach but a teacher, as well. I have learned so much throughout my experience with her plans, and I can’t wait to gain more knowledge.

If you’re ready to make a lifestyle change, and not just a 21 day fix like some plans suggest is possible, then Katy’s program is for you!

Good luck ladies,

Sierra Yeary


I needed a trainer that I could relate to and a plan that would set me up for success. I found both of these when Katy became my trainer.”

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