Packages & Pricing

Packages & Pricing

There are a few different training/nutrition plans to choose from, as not everyone has the same goals-

Grow A Booty Plan– A training plan filled with all of my tips & secrets. Containing over 20 different exercises to specifically target the glutes. Making the booty grow bigger and firmer is my specialty! – $75

One Time Training Package– A one time full body training program which is only a workout plan and comes with no nutrition plan or fitness advice for the month. You take this training plan and run with it! -$75

Nutrition Package– A nutrition plan & set of guidelines which cover when to eat, what to eat, what not to eat, supplement information, daily macro and calorie goals that are customized to your personal goals and specific body type. Customized to any food allergies/preferences. This is NOT a contest prep diet & is not for advanced lifters. -$100

Detailed Training Package– A customized training program with check ins & unlimited fitness advice/answers to any and all questions for the 4week plan. It is custom to fit your individual body type and goals. -$100.

Detailed Training & Nutrition Package– (the BEST option) the combination of the Nutrition and Detailed Training Packages, as well as the Grow A Booty plan with unlimited fitness advice & answers to all your questions for the 4weeks. This also includes information on different beneficial supplements. -$150