Metabolic Renewal Review (2024 Upd.) Does it Actually Work?

Last Updated on February, 2024

I wanted an online weight loss program that doesn’t steal money from me or potential customers for nothing.

However, the truth is that most online weight loss programs, their workouts, and the overall benefit list fall short. After all, there’s little or no research leading for them.

That’s when I came across Metabolic Renewal. 

I skimmed through the details and was happy to see that a doctor, specifically for women, had developed it.

12-13 weeks ahead, I got rid of my belly fat and love handles and still trying the program’s meal.

If you’re also considering Metabolic Renewal, you’re in the right place. I have covered EVERYTHING you need to know about it. All you need to do is read through.

But wait, why trust me?

 Overall: 4.8/5
metabolic renewal program image
Meal & Workouts
Program Effectiveness
  • The female transformation tracker
  • Hormone-Balancing Diet
  • Customized Workouts
  • Phased Approach
  • Mind-Body Techniques
  • Educational Resources
  • Lifestyle Tips
Brand Information
  • Developed by Dr. Jade Teta, an integrative physician and fitness expert
  • Offered by Metabolic Living
  • Emphasizes a combination of diet, exercise, and lifestyle for optimal health
  • Specifically tailored to women’s hormonal and metabolic needs
Product Benefits
  • Built specifically for female weight and fat loss
  • Dr. Teta is a fantastic support system
  • None of the exercises need equipment (unless preferred)
  • Vegan and non-vegan diet plans that are so tasty
  • All content is downloadable and streamable
  • Exclusive access to two members-only areas
  • Overall flexibility for every aspect 

Why Trust Me?

Even if I bought it for reviewing purposes, I also wanted to lose weight, and I did.

The benefits were excellent. I also analyzed all the content and read through multiple online reviews and hundreds of customer testimonials.

With that being said, let’s start.

What is Metabolic Renewal Exactly? 

Metabolic Renewal, when simplified, is a diet and exercise program that targets sustainable weight loss, backed by research, from stomach fat to everywhere else.  This comprehensive life improvement plan contains different meal and exercise plans. 

It brings more relevance to your body as you’ll be taught to discover your type out of the seven hormone types. In addition to so many materials within the program, you also get access to very welcoming members-only platforms. As mentioned earlier, Metabolic Renewal promises to enable women to control their metabolism and hormones. 

The program is unique as it is the first-ever program of its kind that a doctor developed: Jade Teta.

About the Metabolic Renewal Creator: Dr. Jade Teta

Dr. Teta is not your average random doctor; he’s a specialist in female clientele with over 30 years of working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, primarily for females.  As an MD, he also carries 30 years of experience with female patients. Collectively, it makes Dr. Teta qualified and experienced more than enough.

So, what made Dr. Teta create this program?

What Made Dr. Jade Teta Create Metabolic Renewal?

During this time, Dr. Teta noticed and was directly questioned about an undeniable fact about women. It’s how female patients struggled big time to achieve parallel results.

Dr. Teta was a theoretical AND practical person, so he researched the matter. Eventually, he discovered the shocking truth that all trainers and MDs seem to miss. It’s that the majority of clinical trials and fitness studies in history have been almost entirely based on able-bodies male participants, pushing females to a minority category. (1)

This discovery has catalyzed Dr. Teta to research the female hormones, metabolism, and their co-dependent and independent function that ultimately affects weight loss and fat storage, specifically in women.

Metabolic Renewal is the fruit of years of research and experiments by Dr. Teta.

Does Metabolic Renewal Actually Work? 

Yes, the Metabolic Renewal will work if you follow up with every step. 

The program is not one size fits all. I trust this is why I witnessed results better. It’s because all the fitness and weight loss goals, diet plans, and exercise plans are recommended to take your hormone type into account.

I followed the course and shared my experience with Metabolic Renewal in a later topic where I aim to give you a rough idea about how it’ll go down. It’s safe to say that not only does Metabolic Renewal work, but the process is not overly uncomfortable and enables more rest.

Next, let’s dissect the three core areas of the program.

Metabolic Renewal: The 3 Core Areas

Metabolic Renewal really is a comprehensive program that can be divided into three key areas. The first and the third are the most important ones.

How to Discover Your Hormone Type?

Metabolic Renewal is a science-based weight and fat loss program. Its effectiveness 100% depends on hormone types.The program asks you twelve questions, typically with five answer options to make it easier.

Although it only takes a few minutes, as Metabolic Renewal is optimized to be customer-friendly, finishing the quiz will give you a customized video based on your hormone type to start the journey.

When you know your hormone types, it helps YOU understand what really impacts your weight and fat loss efforts. That way, you can adjust all efforts to maximum efficiency.

I belong to the hormone type 1 out of the seven that I have described below.

Hormone TypeExplanation
Type-1Balanced Progesterone and Estrogen: Mixed Signals
Type-2Estrogen Dominant: Hormone Overload
Type-3Progesterone Deficit: Hormone Shortfall
Type-4Progesterone & Estrogen Deficiency: Ovarian Burnout
Type-5High Estrogen and/or Fluctuating With a Progesterone Deficiency: Metabolic Sputter
Type-6Progesterone and Estrogen deficient – Menopause: Ovarian Fatigue
Type-7Estrogen & Progesterone Deficient – Post Menopause: Ovarian Shutdown

As I said, you only need to take the quiz, and Metabolic Renewal will decide your hormone type.

Members Area

As this is an online program, you’ll get exclusive access to the platform’s members-only area, just as much as Facebook’s private group.

Dr. Teta will welcome you when you start from the Start Here section. He will also explain how this course was created and introduce you to the Metabolic Renewal.  My favorite part was how he empowers us to turn our body into a ‘Metabolic Powerhouse,’ prioritizing weight loss.

The image below is from the Metabolic Renewal members’ area.

a screenshot of dr.jades welcome video

As you can see, the program starts right after that. 

After the introduction, the platform will also provide you with a link to the private Facebook group. All you need to do is share the email you used to purchase the program with a Metabolic Renewal admin, and that’s it. You’ll find hundreds of women like us to ask questions, share your weight loss progress, and make like-minded girlfriends!

Since it’s a private group, your posts and comments will not be visible on the feed. It dramatically benefits your privacy and the weight loss journey.

a screenshot of the free private metabolic renewal facebook group

I’ll share more details about my experience with the group in the My Experience With Metabolic Renewal section. Let’s quickly glance at the course outline before diving into the details.

The Metabolic Renewal Program At a Glance

Metabolic Renewal is divided into several parts, starting with the roadmap. Then, Dr. Teta continues to explain several food plans and how to prepare them (I have discussed a sample). You will also receive many bespoke workout plans.

I love how Dr. Teta’s plans are always time-based: 3 days, 12 weeks, etc. It makes the weight and fat loss objectives SMART. The cherry on top is the free transformation tracker.

Inside the Metabolic Renewal Weight Loss Program

This section discusses these components in-depth; let’s dive in, starting with the quick start guide.

The Metabolic Renewal Quick Start Guide

The Metabolic Renewal Quick Start Guide does what it sounds like it would. See the image below:

a screenshot of the metabolic renewal quick start guide

You can see how Dr. Teta noted the three significant steps while explaining their importance. The Roadmap and the Quick Guide take step #1, and you can decide what you need to read first based on your preference.

This quick start guide aims to break down your exercising and dieting routines just as much as other components. In my experience, I kept referring to this and the Roadmap doc from time to time; let’s talk about that next.

The Metabolic Renewal Roadmap

It’s always better to know the road from start to end before you begin anything; that’s the focus of the Metabolic Renewal Roadmap.

I highly recommend you thoroughly read this ebook and skim it on the second go (that’s how I did it). That’ll empower you to adjust your life, targeting a better body shape.

The most exciting thing I noted is learning how strongly your emotional state can affect weight loss and fat storage. The worse it is, the lower the results of your efforts will be. Did you also know that your emotional state has a LOT to do with your hormonal cycle?

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. This ebook is more significant to Dr. Teta’s 4Ms and the 4-phase plan (which I have elaborated on in a later subsection).

What are these 4Ms?

You can call them the four pillars on which Dr. Teta developed Metabolic Renewal.

They are:

  • Mindset or Mindfulness – helps you combat stress
  • Movement – controls stress and allows the body to produce less fat-storing hormones
  • Meals – helps prevent calories and assures good nutrition
  • Metabolics – the stuff that stimulates and moves our metabolism, like exercises, supplements, and drugs.

Here, you will also learn how our monthly cycle impacts our body, especially regarding exercise and dieting routines. Suppose you belong to type 2 or 5 (with increased estrogen and HGH levels). In that case, learning about your added advantages in fat burning will be liberating.

You’ll also learn about the disadvantages of sensitivity levels to other hormones, especially the ones produced by the adrenal gland and thyroid. You’ll have a completely (positively) different idea about exercising and dieting, targeting weight loss.

12-Week Metabolic Renewal Meal Plan

One of the core components of the Metabolic Renewal is the 12-week meal plan developed by a professional chef and registered dietitian, with the guidance and supervision of Dr. Teta. It also comes in a vegan-only plan too.

It comes right after the roadmap, as per the screenshot below.

a screenshot of the metabolic renewal meal plan

Don’t worry about those 4 phases; I’ll cover it in a moment.

I’m a big fan of Carrot Cake (in any form), especially for a quick breakfast, and seeing a Carrot Cake Shake in the meal plan was a significant relief. That’s not the only breakfast option; you can also go with a Mocha Fudge Shake or even a Black Forest Cherry Cake Shake.

This is another reason Dr. Teta’s Metabolic Renewal is successful and popular.  He frees us from the conventional dieting misery and restrictions on having tasty food. You will not be forcing yourself to eat a plate full of uncooked vegetables and bitter juices.

That’s not even the best part. These meals can be prepared in around 20 minutes or less, with ingredients that you can find easily in the nearest grocery store.  Like you, I also used to fetch ideas and recipes online, and most of the time, I didn’t have any idea. With this, I never had to make a grocery list; it’ll also be super convenient for you.

How This Meal Plan Works?

You need to keep a few things in mind to optimize the meals. These meals are built on a 3-2-1 diet, meaning the plan has 3 meals, 2 of which have protein and veggies, which can also be replaced with shakes. 1 of the meals contains a small portion of starch.

However, you don’t HAVE to eat this way, although I recommend you to follow in your footsteps for the best results. Before moving to the next section, let me point out something important from the screenshot above.

If you only follow the exercise plan, you’ll get good results. But if you also follow the diet and lifestyle portions, we guarantee you’ll get incredible results.

My advice? Make the 12-week meal plan a top priority.

metabolic renewal program image
Metabolic Renewal

A Sample of Metabolic Renewal Recipes

The variety of the meals in the Metabolic Renewal recipe list is astonishing. As I said, they take less than 20 minutes, and you can easily find all the ingredients in your local grocery store.

I’m a BIG fan of lamb, and I was pleasantly surprised to see one lamb-based recipe. That’s why I wanted to show it to you (image below).

a screenshot of sample metabolic renewal recipes

3-Day Menu of Metabolic Renewal

If you’re more of a short-term planning person, unlike me, Metabolic Renewal has got your back there, too, with the help of a 3-day menu.

Here’s how it would go with that.


  • Breakfast: Black Forest Berry Cake Shake
  • Lunch: California Salad
  • Dinner: Savory Steak With Mushroom


  • Breakfast: Mint Chocolate Crunch Shake
  • Lunch: Salmon Burger Over Mixed Green Salad
  • Dinner: Masala Chicken


  • Breakfast: Coconut Herb Frittata
  • Lunch: Roast Beef Wrap
  • Dinner: Pesto Chicken Salad

Next, let’s look at the 4-phase format of Metabolic Renewal:

  • The 4-Phase Format Of Metabolic Renewal Workout Schedule

The 4-phase workout schedule runs in parallel to the 12-week meal plan.

To summarize it quickly,

  • Phase 1: Harmonize (Weeks 1-3)
  • Phase 2: Inspire (Weeks 4-6)
  • Phase 3: Enhance (Weeks 7-9)
  • Phase 4: Symphony (Weeks 10-12)

This is where you synchronize the meals with the exercises. The absolute best part of these workouts is that you don’t need gym equipment for any workout targeting weight loss.

Let’s look at each phase now.

Phase 1: Harmonize (Weeks 1-3)

a screenshot of phase 1: harmonize (weeks 1-3)

The first phase is about bringing your hormonal system back to balance and harmony. You’ll notice how your body reacts based on the present unbalanced extent. If you have an increment in fat storage, phase 1 will revert that as it is one of the most common side effects of hormonal imbalance.

As you progress in this phase, you’ll notice how bloating, mood swings, pains and aches, and even intense cravings drop rapidly.

Phase 2: Inspire (Weeks 4-6)

a screenshot of workout phase 2: inspire (weeks 4-6)

The successful completion of phase 1 should bring your hormones to balance. Now, it’s time to prepare your cells to receive and correctly interpret the signals you attempt to send them.

The idea is to stop using carbs as a power source and reach fat stores for energy. While it does that, the body will still use carbs, but the preference will be given to fat stores.

This fact was clinically proven a long time ago, and this 1996 study is an excellent source of evidence for that. That should fix your worries.

Phase 3: Enhance (Weeks 7-9)

a screenshot of the workout phase 3: enhance (weeks 7-9)

In the 3rd phase, you’ll notice a drastic change and intensity as it is time to reshape you as your hormones and cells are prepared to do it.

However, don’t expect results if you haven’t followed the exercise routines to the point in the first two phases. Preparing your body for the 3rd and 4th phases is crucial, focusing primarily on weight loss. I highly recommend using the progress tracker, which I’ll explain in a later subtopic.

Phase 4: Symphony (Weeks 10-12)

a screenshot of the workout Phase 4: Symphony (Weeks 10-12)

Completing the first three phases will turn your body into a fat-burning machine. The overall impact will be quadrupled if you’re also keeping up with the meal plans.

Phase 4 is not dedicated only to fat burning but also to building lean muscle throughout the body. In fact, it’s essential to preserve healthy muscle during weight loss, and this 2017 study is an excellent example of that. These efforts prove Dr. Teta’s knowledge of the subject.

At the end of these four phases, you will not only have lost a significant amount of extra weight, but you will also realize you no longer have random pains, with better overall health. That’s what happened to me.

What if the Exercises Are Too Intense?

It’s only standard if you think the exercises are a bit intense, as the program is designed to make you lose weight. However, Dr. Teta modifies each exercise, typically without diminishing the overall impact. If that’s too much, the workout plans are flexible enough to make you switch to something completely different.

When I discuss my experience, I’ll share what I did to make it easier for you.

A Sample of Metabolic Renewal Exercise

As I said earlier, none of these exercises need gym equipment. However, suppose you prefer to increase intensity to increase fat loss (within the recommended range). In that case, you’re more than welcome to use dumbbells or resistance bands.

For instance, look at the Metabolic Renewal Exercise plan sample below.

a screenshot of a metabolic renewal exercise plan sample

You can see how Dr. Teta optimizes the rest days, ensuring your body doesn’t go cold. I have also attached this quick YouTube video to give you an idea of how Dr. Teta’s workouts work here:

Female Transformation Tracker

Tracking our transformation is what keeps us motivated to keep going. Mere tracking isn’t enough; you need to record them to witness the positive change in your body.

The Female Transformation Tracker (which is self-explanatory) is an Excel sheet that looks like the one below.

a screenshot of female transformation tracker in excel

As you can see, it allows you to track areas such as the Metabolic Score, Vitality score, PMS score, and Menopause score, just as much as the weight and the body.

You’ll notice at the top row how the tracker is designed to track progress weekly, which is more realistic. The tracker also is terrific for gauging your sleep quality, digestion, and energy levels.

5-Step Female Flat Belly Formula

This final part of the Metabolic Renewal will educate you about our stubborn belly fat. I loved how the guide specifically talked about female belly fat while explaining the biological reasons. I had no idea why it happened that way with women, and knowing why it happened tremendously helped me optimize the program.

Here’s why our belly fat is so stubborn from this section:

a screenshot of the question why our belly fat is so stubborn explained in the metabolic renewal website

Dr. Teta simplifies the entire process into five steps, empowering us to work on this stubborn belly fat well.

With that, we have covered the content of this program. Next, let me answer an important question.

Who is Metabolic Renewal for?

Most weight loss programs have so many restrictions; you can’t exceed the age of 50, you can’t be pregnant, and sometimes, you can’t have disabilities too.

Dr. Teta’s Metabolic Renewal is pretty much for every adult woman (18+), as that’s the marginal age these efforts will work on. This program is pretty much for any woman who wants to lose weight faster but in a sustainable way, without having to weight lift and eat untenable diet food.

Bonus: I know I don’t like the creeps at the gym, so Metabolic Renewal was a savior for me.

Metabolic Renewal Full Price & Refund Policy

This diet and exercise program from the Metabolic Renewal company comes at $97.99 as the online-only version. At the same time, you can get the DVD + online version for $97.99 plus shipping and handling.

You can get a refund within 30 days of purchase, and they encourage you to email the team within 25 business days from the day you sent the return if you haven’t received the refund.

It’s a risk-free company.

metabolic renewal program image
Metabolic Renewal

Customer Reviews: Metabolic Renewal 

I always go to Trustpilot for reviews, and I know how people with positive experiences with a service or product are likely to only post about it if they do it regularly.

I saw real results with Metabolic Renewal and was surprised to see some negative comments. That’s when I came across this review that explains everything.

I lost weight and tuned up, it was easy and not time consuming. I think its awful that all of these reviewers never actually did the program.

I agree with Helen regarding the program’s ease of use and its effects. I agree with her even more that reviews with negative comments never actually followed up with the program. I think it’s a cheap and shameful thing to do so, too. 

The basic plan of the workouts and meal plan is amazing. I am now in the best shape I have ever been because of it. Only reason I haven’t given 5 stars is because of the extras they try to sell you. Their protein powder and mastery club are all overpriced and not worth it. Stick to just the basic and you won’t be disappointed!

Lydia has also experienced positive results and doesn’t like when extra items are sold. Conversely, I bought them as getting a recommended protein bar is always better than picking up something random. There’s nothing wrong with upsell videos that help most women.

With that, let me share briefly my experience with Metabolic Renewal.

My Experience With Metabolic Renewal

I would say I wasn’t terribly overweight, but I hated my gut fat and love handles that were stretching out my favorite jeans. At the program’s end, I lost all of it, and I couldn’t be happier.

As I said earlier, I went with some extra items along with the introductory course because I’m more of a person recommended by the doctor. The quiz revealed my hormone type, and it was nice to know the why factor thoroughly. All the ebooks are easy to read and have no fluff.

The workout videos were very effective, as I recorded everything in my transformation tracker. I sometimes wanted to diminish and increase workout intensity, and I liked how there were more than enough options. It’s equipment-free and fun to do. What more can I ask for?

My favorite part of the program is the food plan (guilty as charged!). I have been following so many meals from the program even after completion. The results have been pleasantly incremental. There are some negative reviews on the customer, which I don’t understand. The team is incredibly helpful as long as you call them during work hours.

In my experience, Metabolic Renewal has been fantastic — 10/10.

My Rating for Metabolic Renewal

AspectRating out of 5 stars (★★★★★)
Female-centric nature of the content★★★★★
Quality of the training content★★★★★
Quality of the ebooks★★★★☆
Versatility of the food plans★★★★★
Deliciousness of the meals★★★★★★★★ (they’re pretty yummy!)
The usefulness of the transformation tracker★★★★★
Overall rating★★★★★

Is Metabolic Renewal Worth Buying?

Considering all factors and my positive experience, Metabolic Renewal is definitely worth buying. It’s not only because the program actually makes you lose weight; it’s also because Dr. Teta educates us about our bodies and enables us to track progress, which ultimately motivates us to keep going.

The cherry on top is the food plans you can use even after the program.

Metabolic Renewal Pros and Cons

With several pros, even near-perfect programs like Metabolic Renewal have a downside or two; let’s look at them now.


Built specifically for female weight and fat loss
Suits pretty much any adult female
Dr. Teta is a fantastic support system
Extremely organized structure
None of the exercises need equipment (unless preferred)
Vegan and non-vegan diet plans that are so tasty
The female transformation tracker allows you to see your progress
Exclusive access to two members-only areas
All content is downloadable and streamable
Overall flexibility for every aspect 


Some users complain about customer service
Results depend on both exercises AND diet plan

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Conclusion: Metabolic Renewal Review

Metabolic Renewal is the first doctor-developed weight and fat loss program that works entirely online. 

The program has been proven to be successful, and I am one of the happy customers. The best reason Metabolic Renewal is so successful for two reasons: the sky-high value of training focused on the female body by a specialized doctor and the food plans.

In conclusion, Metabolic Renewal works and is very cost-effective, and I recommend it.

I hope this review was helpful, and feel free to share it with your community of determined women.


Yes, Metabolic Renewal is a legitimate weight loss program that has been proven effective by many, including myself.

Yes, Metabolic Renewal combines both dieting and exercising.

The Metabolic Renewal Roadmap is designed to be completed in 12 weeks, divided into 4 phases.

Metabolic Renewal
metabolic renewal program image
Meal & Workouts




Overall Score


Built specifically for female weight and fat loss
Extremely organized structure
Dr. Teta is a fantastic support system
Vegan and non-vegan diet plans that are so tasty
All content is downloadable and streamable
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of February
Some users complain about customer service
Results depend on both exercises AND diet plan

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