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Below are the different types of programs you can choose from on FIT By Katy. Team Katy understands that when it comes to fitness, one size doesn’t fit all, so please explore all of the program options and decide which one will be the best fit for your goals!

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Whether you decide to stick to our basic plan and use the workout generator or go premium and challenge yourself to a seasonal promo, all of our members are part of the #FBKFitFam! Keep up with the community, Katy, and see more exclusive workout content by following @fitbykaty on Instagram!

Video Library
Workout Generator
Nutrition Guide
All Seasonal Promos
Complete Training Programs
Weight and Goal Tracking [coming soon]

What You Get

Learn more about the Fit Fam to see which plan is right for you!
  • Nutrition Guide

    Learn about the importance of nutrition combined with training, how to calculate and track your macros, what foods would be optimal in reaching your macronutrient goals, and what supplements can be beneficial and the purpose of each.

  • Video Library

    Not sure how to do that exercise? Follow along to learn proper technique for maximum results and safety.

  • Workout Generator

    You know what you want to work out today. But you're bored with the same routine? The Workout Generator shakes it up (literally) to provide you with thoughtful new routines for the day.

  • All Seasonal Promos (Premium only)

    Join Katy, Haydn, and the Fit Fam community for amazing 8-week programs updated every Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Premium Fit Fam members get them all!

  • Complete Training Programs (Premium only)

    Enjoy (and endure) 8-week, full-body training programs you can use to get leaner, build muscle, or both (body recomposition).

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