Meet Katy Hearn.

About Katy

My Fitness Beginning

It was September 2012 and I had just turned 21, so I went out for a fun night of celebrating with friends. A few days later, I started looking through photos from that night. All I could focus on was the weight I had gained – I was no longer that "tiny Katy," I was "college happened and I gained 15 pounds" Katy. It wasn’t about the number of pounds I had gained, but more about the fact I had just gotten lazy. I ate whatever was convenient and cheap (what’s a nutrition label?), I drank beer, lots of beer, and I wasn’t physically active. This was exactly the reality check I needed – I joined a gym that day and have never looked back!

Mixing Fitness with Social Media

At the time, girls lifting weights wasn’t exactly the norm. It wasn’t the "cool thing" among my friends or peers – I felt pretty alone. I stopped drinking and going to parties and bars, I stopped going out for pizza runs late at night, and I stopped doing most of the things I was used to. While my life quickly became different than my previous norm, I was happy. I was chasing MY goals, opening a new chapter in my life, and learning how to be okay with being by myself. I started an anonymous Twitter and Instagram account and began following other people who had fitness pages. I felt that would keep me motivated and inspired – and it did! I made friends from all over the world and even met my husband, Haydn, in January 2013!

The Big Move

Haydn and I were long distance for 6 months until I moved out to Kentucky to be with him. He inspired and encouraged me to be my best and I did the same for him. While driving back from visiting my family for Christmas we had the idea of our first fitness Challenge – a program where all of of our clients would begin and end on the same dates. An organized, incentivized way to keep our female clients motivated – it was awesome! Our clients all did so well and began sharing their progress on their own social media pages. Since then, we’ve done a fitness Challenge almost every season!

Changing The Game

Though our online training was doing well, we wanted to bring more to the fitness industry than just personal training. I was offered many great opportunities in promotions, sponsorships, and endorsements. I turned them all down. I wanted to create my own brands – I wanted to see what I was capable of. If I failed, it would be a learning experience, if I succeeded, it would be that much more fulfilling! From this mindset came our meal prep company, Bite Meals, our 10,000 sq ft training facility, Katy Hearn Gym, our supplement company, Alani Nu, and more projects we can’t yet reveal! We are so excited for what 2018 has in store and are so thankful for the trust our clients and followers have in us!

Katy's Philosophy

As a personal trainer and owner of KatyHearnFitness LLC, there are a few core principles I stand by. I believe if you go about your fitness journey by these guidelines, it’ll prove to be an extremely fun and enjoyable road!

Dream. Believe. Achieve.

Every woman deserves to wake up feeling happy and confident in her skin.

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