Build A Booty, Mini Summer Challenge

ALEXA KANELLOS before and after result 1
ALEXA KANELLOS before and after result 2
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Why I Got Started

It all started when I came home from Greece this past August. I had lost about 6lbs before I took off for 3 weeks. I’m a small person, like you, standing at 5ft and 3/4inches and weighed 107lbs before I left. When I got back from Greece I knew I gained weight because all I did was eat eat eat and never went to a gym. Also, because I was used to eating so much my stomach just wanted and craved food 24/7, so I just kept eating constantly. I had gained 12lbs and weighed 119 by the end of summer. Miserable and unhappy with my body I knew I needed to get my act together and change for the better. I was following your Instagram account for a while at that point and loved what you stood for and the results of your clients from your Summer Challenges and knew come the release date of your Fall Challenge I was purchasing the gym package asap.

My Results and Your Program

After I completed your Fall Challenge I had never felt better about my appearance and myself overall. I lost 7lbs but gained a lot of muscle and my stomach felt so lean! I could lay on my side and my stomach would still be flat, which I haven’t experienced since I was in high school. Not only did I loose weight but I gained confidence I never knew I had. I learned that it was okay to fail and would push myself harder next time to succeed. I had girls a nd guys coming up to me asking where I got my workouts from. I even had one girl stop me in the middle of my workout to compliment my butt and said “I want all the guys to stare at me in the gym like they stare at you.” I was so taken back by this (in a good way) because that meant people were noticing the booty gains. I thought to myself to have a random girl compliment my progress is truly more meaningful to me than any compliment I’ve received from a guy. Only because it’s rare to find girls who aren’t friends complimenting each other these days.

Your Fall Challenge taught me so much like how to count my macros, slow negatives, squeezing and pulsing during reps and so much more! My favorite days throughout the program were the days you included the BaB plan with our workouts instead of cardio because every time I left the gym my butt was on fire. My favorite booty workouts were cable kick backs and the glute bridge!

As you can see from my pictures attached to this email my results from your challenge combined with the BaB plan were no joke. My glutes became bigger, more rounded, and lifted/perky. My back even thinned out, which I was so excited to see!

Some of these pictures are also found on my Instagram account.

Thank you for giving me confidence and the body (especially the booty) I’ve always wanted! Hopefully these pictures can inspire future clients to purchase the BaB plan! You are the booty queen for a reason 🙂


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Thank you for giving me confidence and the body (especially the booty) I’ve always wanted!”